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Music Production Services Available:

  • Drums & Percussion

  • Recording/Tracking

  • Artist Consulting

  • Music Arranging

  • Tour Promotion

  • Talent Booking

  • Event Planning

  • Graphic Design 

Friend Productions
was established for the purpose of creating the highest level of music possible. Whether through collaboration with other artists or a full ground roots production we'll give you the best possible result in your project. We'll make sure it will be marketable and well received by a wide array of listening audiences, in both live performances and in recordings. Our passion is to achieve true greatness in your music, bringing out the best in everyone.

Roger Friend’s musical career spans four decades of diverse experience. Touring in more than 100 countries, with jazz, blues, pop and rock groups of all origins, he has the experience of true diversity and many international musical elements as his influence. He is also a fully credited educator and percussion facilitator and has the motivation to inspire and encourage younger, aspiring musicians to grow and achieve on their own paths. Performing clinics and working with many leading manufacturers in drum design is yet another outlet for his deep passion for drums and the international drumming community.

Roger endorses: TAYE Drums, Tycoon Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, XL/Gator Gig Bags, Humes & Berg Enduro CasesAquarian Drum headsRegal Tip Drumsticks, Audix Microphones, Carvin Sound Systems, Roc n' Soc Drum ThronesRock n' Roller Carts.

Some live photos and some of the prestigious recording studios we work with around the country, including: 
Pacific Beat Recording (San Diego), Blue Rock (Austin, TX), Capitol Records, Universal Studios & The Sonic Jungle (Los Angeles)

Video Production also available, utilizing the latest technologies, green screen, full audio and video editing, etc.
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